I’m here….sorta…Now let’s talk about Tinkercad!

I’ve always wanted to blog and thanks to Tinkercad, I’m starting out!  I have to say first of all, that I’m a non-mathematical, dinosaur- type when it comes to any sort of technology, so it will definitely take me some time to learn the process of blogging…just like it took me a lot of time to learn how to do work on Tinkercad, so your patience is appreciated…and your advice!  I intend to blog here about my experience with Tinkercad, an app that literally makes my mind spin!  I absolutely love it!!! I wake up and go to sleep thinking about how to make shapes and templates to try to bring higher details to the projects I’m working on.  I look forward to talking shop with any Tinkercad users, or 3D artists, out there who share interests with me.

Tinkercad has allowed me the pleasure of instantly creating anything that pops into my mind.  Today I was thinking of all the things I wanted to see from my youth….Like a design of BatFink, or Milton the Monster, or Sir Nose Devoidofunk and the Lone Ranger.  For months I’ve been meaning to make a scene with some samurai drinking sake, while a lady plays the koto and another lady dances.  I’ve been thinking and visualizing about how I’m going to put designs into their kimonos, how I’m going to make the tatami and shoji that will serve as backdrops…But as usual in my mind, I travel from “A” to “Q” and “Z” before I ever get to “B”.  I’ll usually start about three or four projects at the same time, and rotate working on them until I’m done.

Now let me figure out how to paste some photos into this and I’ll call it a night!WWKard Elektra Atlantean BatMan WW


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