Good Grief!!!

I totally missed the Megabots Contest….because I never,Claudian War Ox ever read thclaudian war ox 2e Tinkercad Blog!!!!  Do you think I could have provided a Mech?  I was born to make Mechs…All that has been on my mind since the age of three was this one thought…”MUST MAKE ROBOTS!!!!”  Cruel are the Fates!

Oh well, at least Mech-A-May is on the way, so here’s a sneak peek at what my main entry will be based on…The Claudian War Ox, which I made about 5 months ago before I had developed a workable skill level on Tinkercad.  I’ve looked at the prize-winners of the MegaBot contest, and analyzed what it will take to stand out and be different from the rest of the Mecha…


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