Simultaneous Project Progress

Pescafant6LazyLuke2spidermetalRockOnElektra SGundamHead4

Well, I shut up my blogging mouth for awhile and have been working up a storm on many projects simultaneously.  Some pieces are just the results of going on a ‘Shaping Safari’, where I’m just trying to make something happen by trial and error.  My piece that I call the ‘PescaFant’ (Pesce=Fish in Italian + Fant for Fantasy) was a lot of fun to put together.  I got a lot of surprise shapes out of it that I can use, and I think I captured a little bit of Marine Mojo in a stylized abstract package.  Then I went back to my Wacky Races Garage to hammer out a more deliberate project, Lazy Luke and his Arkansas ChuggaBug.  I think it will turn out nicely, but I haven’t even started on Blubber Bear, or finished the MoonShine Still engine.  Way back in 2104 I asked Andrew D and The- Artist -Formerly-Known-as- Chase if they wanted to start making the WackyRaces along with me.

They went on to do fantastic work and gain the coveted ‘TinkerStaff Favorite’ moniker with their WackyRacers.  My Penelope Pitstop and her Compact Pussycat raced alongside them. I envisioned a piece that would finally have all our Wacky Racers together in a road race, but we’ll have to see how many artists still want to contribute to that. It’s a tough project, and to make the figures of the drivers makes it even tougher. Speaking of figures, I’m still trying to refine Elektra, who you can see is practicing her “Rock On” salute up above.  I plan on making her do that gesture after defeating Bullseye(instead of getting impaled on her own sai by him..that never sat well with me.)

The shaping of the RockOn hands was done with the thought of making SpiderMan and getting his web-shooting hands done in advance. I am working on another template SuperHero body for men, and am always trying to make a better female version. I plan to make a Daredevil holding the body of lifeless Elektra with the newest body templates. And I started my research on making Medusa of the Inhumans…wanting eventually to make the whole team, with Lockjaw.  I wanted to drop a surprise design of Medusa fighting Deadpool and Lady Deadpool-thought it would be cool to see her thrashing Deadpool with her giant tentacles of hair! But that’s going to be a major project.

And then there’s Gundam! I’m having a great time watching S-Gundam materialize.  I’m very pleased with how the Gundam aesthetic is translating to the TinkerVerse.  (I’ll have to post another blog on the topic of Tinkercad’s unique graphic qualities later.) I had always wanted to make Gundams, but was too busy learning how to use Tinkercad to approach it seriously.  My garage is 3/4 filled with Gundam kits, so I’m uniquely qualified to attempt the task at hand.  I chose S-Gundam, because I wanted to throw a haymaker, and do something challenging, that would give the ScanFans something to think about.  I also wanted to provoke more people in Japan to start using Tinkercad.  (I am also planning a Harajuku fashion design series to that end…)

My impression is that Tinkercad is relatively unknown, and taken for granted as a children’s tool.  I will do everything I can from my little corner of the world to change that perception.  My next blog will be about my perceptions of Tinkercad, how I think it compares to traditional sculpting, and how I think it compares to other programs I have tried.


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