Greetings, Kayamandi Township!!!

I haven’t blogged in awhile, because it seemed pointless to blog about Tinkercad when it isn’t able to link from Tinkercad to WordPress directly yet…I have been extremely busy on the TinkerFront!!!  If you follow Tinkercad activity at all, you’ll have noticed a new intensity in some of the designs.  When a user named JoeChef created a perfectly curved wave with a Duplication Technique that I personally call ‘WaveDuping”, I went nuts, because I had been trying to make organic curvatures in my pieces with hole templates since Day One on Tinkercad.  Although many users have used Ctrl D to duplicate pieces before, I have never seen anyone create a curve that scales down from start to finish to sub-atomic math values……This lead to some experiments and discussions among the KiwiKingofTinkercad,AndrewD,…JoeChef,Cat2,Javasmithhome,Speckman8, and myself….What ensued was an explosion of detailed server-killing designs that definitely stand out…..More on this later.  I want to take this time now to salute Sarah and all the teachers and students of Kayamandi Township!!!  I know I speak for all of us Tinkercad users when I say “Welcome to Tinkercad-Show us your designs as soon as possible!!!” I want to see designs based on the artistic visions of people half a world away.  When you see a person’s art, you see their world, and I look forward to learning about that world.  Here is a piece that I hoped would foster an artistic dialogue between our two parts of the world on Tinkercad…..xhosa3


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